Paul Pogba: Islam is Not Terrorist

MuslimsPost.Com | Paul Pogba as Manchester United player star became one of the Moslem soccer players. He isn’t ashamed to show his identity as a Moslem. At the beginning of Ramadan, Pogba did umrah worship to Mecca.

Pogba admitted sad recently to the terror that occurred in Manchester one time ago. As a Moslem, Pogba assured that the incident was not based on any religion, especially Islam.

Pogba who lives in Manchester admitted that Moslem in Britain difficult to live quietly after that incident. However, he explained that terror can not be associated with Islam.

"As Moslem in Britain we are having a hard time, but we will not give in. We can not let that happen to mind." Pogba said.

"The something sad has happened, but it does not mean that we have to stop living." You are not allowed to kill human beings, that is a crazy thing done by non-believers."

"It isn’t Islam and everyone knows it, I'm not the only one who told it," Pogba said.

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